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Welcome to the home page of K~B Books, which is solely owned and operated by Kathryn Bunch. Kathryn realized a number of years ago that the Holy Spirit had called her to the book ministry and over time it evolved into what is known today as the traveling book show. K-B Books has been an active member of Episcopal Bookseller's Association for seven plus years. This traveling book ministry visits at least 25 churches in the Episcopal Diocese through out the year and also avails itself to the various smaller ministries in the Diocese. i.e.: Diocesan Convention, Ecumenical Conferences, Cursillos, Daughters of the King, The Order of St. Luke Healing Ministries, both local and regional, Faith Alive, Women's Ministries, Bereavement seminars and retreats. Kathryn is also available to speak and share her ministry within the Diocese and other denominations in the region. She has traveled as far as San Francisco and annually makes the journey to Yuma, Arizona.

Many of you already know that K~B Books carries a large inventory of titles pertaining to the various ministries listed in the previous paragraph. If it is not in stock and in the main warehouse, it can be obtained within two business days, if not, a week at the most. No shipping charges will be billed but are welcome if you should wish to include them with your payment.

My prayers are that this web site will be a beacon of light solely driven by the power of the Holy Spirit, ministering to everyone who enters this site wherever that special someone may be on their journey. This web site will feature book reviews each month. I am hopeful that these book reviews will reach a broad spectrum of readers and that I will be overwhelmed with the responses from you out in cyberspace to be guest book reviewers. The book may be a new title or one that has been around for some time but has never gained the recognition it is entitled.

Prayers always,

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